SRK and me

SC said excitedly “Had been to Eden gardens yesterday, to watch the kolkata knight riders match!. Wow! what a match it was!!! Shoaib was….” .”How was SRK? Is he cute? I interrupted. who wants to know what Shoaib did??.. baah!..
”Cute I donno..But he is handsome for sure”he replied.. Aaargh! Boys have this thing for the word cute!.. Its associated with silliness and girly. But handsome? Oh ye bring it on!..

“Ok all right not cute, handsome. But how can you say that? He must have been quite far” I questioned “NO we could see him pretty well. He was near the boundary line cheering and dancing all the time” SC explained…

Hmm SRK..I went back to my 1st memories of SHAH RUKH KHAN.. It must have been him in those TV serials almost 2 decades back when I was a small kid.. Though I don’t remember anything much, I do remember he was damn attractive and a lively figure inside the idiot box.. And since I was too young to designate him as cute or handsome, I let him be. But still when I looked at him, there was some sort of happy connection.

Fast fwd to the early nineties, when SRK was doing movies like Baazigar, Anjaam and all that.. I never completely sat through any movie, and only listened to what people around me, friends etc had to say.. "God he is so scary in Anjaam and Baazigar" a friend had exclaimed.. None of my friends actually liked him then.. They liked the chocolate boy Aamir Khan.. I still remember SR, SN, AK going gagaga over him.. I never really liked him, he was always a bit too short for my taste :P… During that weird SRK time, I happened to watch a movie Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman long after it was released.... and I fell!.. I mean for SRK! :D.. He was so cute, so real, so true, so awesome..And a SRK fan was born!..

Iam not a SRK fan in the true sense. I don’t watch all his movies the day it hits the theatres. I have watched only a handful of his movies completely from the beginning to the end.. I have watched Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam, 9,3,1 yr after they were released respectively!.. Not a record which a true SRK fan holds I am sure. But ye I had been reading about him, his interviews in magazines, watching his songs and all that.

SONGS! - Reminds me, that his songs play a major role in my admiration towards him.. Be it “tujhe dekha toh ye jana sanam” from DDLJ which happens to be according to me one of the most romantic songs ever.. And nobody could have carried it out that well other than SRK.. And when he sings “kal ho na ho”(ye I know its your voice sonu, I like you too!) I always cry..

When he sings “Main hoon na”… I always pray to God that the guy I end up with in life, should sing me the same song and mean it!!..

Post DDLJ, SRK changed.. He was no longer known for his negative roles and all that.. He became Rahul and I loved him for that..

He has won many acting awards for his movies. But my all time favourite scenes which I call” only SRK and nobody else could do it half as well” scenes are

1.The last scene in Devdas,when Aishwarya comes running through the corridors of the haveli with her pallu on fire towards a dying SRK who is lying beneath the tree. I cry every time I see it, and every time I feel like unlocking the gate and letting Paro meet Devdas just one last time before he died.. SRK has done the scene so well; my heart goes out for him. Sniff! :(

2.All the scenes in Yes boss where he tries to help his boss score over Juhi even though he is so hopelessly in love with her. Even here too I feel like entering into the movie myself and telling Juhi ” duffer the boss is a bad man, SRK is the one who loves you truly!” :(

3.In Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - the scene where he is seen consoling Kajol after he and others made fun of her mini skirt and make up, when she was trying to ape Rani and look beautiful like her. OK not exactly that scene, but the way oh! the way he grabs Rani’s hand when she starts walking away from them while still holding Kajol. Oh! So sweet!! :D

4. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam - the scene where he goes to tell Kajol that he can’t marry her coz he cannot displease his dad. He goes there only to see her dad was dead and she and her sister are all alone now.. The way he places his hand over her head and without saying anything but which conveys everything she needs to know.. sniff sniff!! :( :( so beautiful

5.Ok this can go on and on but let me just mention my most favourite scene- Chak De India. When India scores the winning goal against Australia and everybody erupt shouting with joy, he quietly leans back with tears in his eyes looking skywards!.. Oh god that scene is so so real!.. I bet nobody on earth could carry it off so well!

Be it, his acting as a ruthless man in Don or hilariously stupid behavior in Duplicate and Badshah, or as the typical lover boy in Chalte chalte.. He is the best in everything.. Every single damn thing!!

Apart from his singing, dancing, acting, I like him best for what he is outside the reel world. His love and regard for his parents, his love and devotion for his wife and children. I love the fact that Gauri is his 1st and only girlfriend and now his wife. Having a good loyal personal life is very important to me. I think in this he scores those brownie points compared to the “divorced how many times no idea” actors out there. He been a great husband and a father makes me like him even more :)..

I like him for the fact he is a self made man. With no star father or a surname he can boast off!.. It’s a different thing that the “Khan” name has become something to be reckoned with, thanks to him!..

Ok don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that actors with star dad or mom are not be liked coz they are not self made.. In fact my other favourite’s the Deol men are that only!.. And I love them unconditionally!

But there is some sort of unknown connection with SRK which happens.. He looks more real, more believable when he smiles, cries, sings,talks and laughs.. He looks vulnerable and maybe that’s what makes him so special!

This one’s for you SRK.. You are the best! Love you loads!! :)


FlyingHigh said…
Hey I can comment from here! I claim to be the most loyal Aamir fan..ever since I was a kid I have adored him. Now its turned into respect.

SRK, I like him when he is not acting, you TV shows, hosting awards, Crorepati and panchvi pass, interviews and the like. He is witty and intelligent and of course very charming. I like him for what he is, committed husband, great dad, his rags to riches story...

Movies, I liked him only in Swades and Chak de. Others are well...typical srk style...I cant even tell one film from other :P.

Whatever it is, you cant ignore this guy, he is everywhere. And he surely deserves to be number one because he has created everything for himself on his own! So yeah in conclusion I admire the guy...just not my favorite actor :P
KB said…
my most fav srk movies are darr,raju ban gaya gentleman,kabhi haa kabhi naa,koyla,pardes,swades,don, and chak de

i also liked kank and mai hoo na for some reason!

but kkhh,k3g,veer zaara,oso can be avoided

havin a theater background he is a damn good actor, one of the best i wd say but lure of money has forced him to do movies with karan johar etc who makes srk do the same stuff in every movie of his

his anchoring of filmfare ceromonies with saif gives me a bad stomach ache everytime
Shilpa Nangali said…
hi sushma, SRK is my favr8..i fell in love with his acting after seeing DDLJ..DDLJ is like a medicine for me ..wen evr i feel down i see it..donno how many times i hve seen it til now...ur post is very nice..its like direct DIL SE...SRK has been part of numerous commercial successes and has delivered a variety of critically acclaimed performances...he is the best and Number doubts in it!!! i came to know about ur blog thru glad i read dis one
raven said…
hey sush,
when SR shared ur blog, i wasnt sure wat to expect. but i was thorougly excited once i saw the magic name "SRK"..
I love SRK, just as much I love chocolates.. whether hes in a movie or a tv show or hosting awards, i dont care. He does it to perfection, the true entertainer is what i would call him.
When he sings “Main hoon na”" .. ritely said... i would want the guy i end up with stir the same emotion
And to ur big list of the favs.. i would want to add
6) The last scene in baazigar, it makes me cry no matter how many ever times i watch it. when alka yagnik at background stops in between "tujhe lag jaaye mere (umar)"... i cry..

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