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who was she?

There she was standing on her plump legs less than 2 feet tall trying her best to look up at me.. her kohl lined eyes were oh so beautiful and she was giving me the bestest of the toothless smile I have ever seen in my life.. I was just about to cross the road another 2 mins I would reach home… I was on my way back from office… it was at this juncture I met her with her granddad.. she was trying to take small steps in her pom pom shoes which made the cutest little sound when she wobbled around.. she had stopped to look and smile at me.. I smiled back.. “Jado ammi?” I asked her in tulu( my mother tongue) I am sure she dint understand nor did her granddad, but after that she did broaden her smile.. hey maybe she did understand!.. any baby I see I usually smile but this was the 1st baby who smiled at me first and was looking at me as though she knew me from beyond…
I bent down and touched her cheeks when her granddad proudly declared “ its her 1st birthday today”… Aaawwww I melted!.. rega…

Birthday Gift

Mom's birthday is coming up in this month. So I asked her " maa what do u want for your birthday this time?"

She thinks for a second before declaring earnestly but firmly " I want a handsome son-in-law".

Next time I am showing her a list of things i CAN actualy give her and ask her to pick ONLY from that list.

SIGH! :(

END of post.

Wanted- help and suggestions

Causes for my heart burns and frustration nowadays

1. Have started following MTV Roadies 5.0. Ankitha getting voted out and anmol 's happiness. Dont even want to comment about shambhavi and that punju munda who can be surprisingly willy. Love you ayaz. what are you doing there? Go home and take care of yourself.

2. Cooking can be such a stressful job. Mom i love u so much more now. Please come back soon. Mumbai isnt really nice, ye i know bangalore and we in it is the last thing in your mind right now.

3. Lose of appetite. One best thing to loose weight is to cook for yourself and try eating it.

4.The dry windy weather plaguing bangalore.It makes my skin and hair frustratingly dry. Yet a stupid pimple burts out in that dryness.

5.Getting up so early for my yoga classes. Donno how long it will take to loose my fuse over it.

6.Orkut- had enough of- hey how r u? iam doing good what about you?.. iam doing good too. end of conversation kind of friendships.

7.Following hilary - obama fight. wh…