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AiiyyYO- GA !!

I suffer from MPD(multiple personality disorder) day some voice in my head told me to go join yoga classes.. “Huh? Yoga.. Why?” I asked… just go join and don’t ask too many questions, the voice snapped back..

Ok first step. No not hunting for yoga schools near my home..that’s 2nd step..1st step is convincing my friend SR to join me :D. i dint want to go alone!. “lets go, its supposed to be real good, not just for physical health but for mental stability too, relives stress and blah blah blah I went on.. she wasn’t convined..” early morning?” so early in the morning? So so early in the morning? :( yoga? Really? she asked…Ye ! ye! It will be wonderful, u can sleep later, u can sleep in the office , u can sleep in the bus and such similar crap I said and managed to convince her... so now the yoga classes near our homes.. a 20 yr old school.. Great! I call up and ask the timings..everything is fine for me.. but new problem, SR has problem with the location of the school and the 5.30a…
Today in the HINDU newspaper, I came across this photo of a woman clinging on to her 3 ducks and crying. Before handing them over to the authorities for culling in West Bengal which is reeling under the bird flu threat. .. It may seem funny for some, but I was somehow touched.. donno why.. The fact that this woman is shedding a few tears for her pets, shows the kind of attachment she had for them… The birds in the picture seemed to know as well…maybe they would miss her too.. … A human – animal bonding… actually I thought that the birds were somehow lucky.. Here was somebody crying out for them and would be missing them..
Sometimes even humans aren’t that lucky…


Thats Candy, Jolie and Berry

The "that " chapter of my life

Why didn’t u attend the interview? Dr M asked… I,err dint like the office.. I mean the place. I mean it dint feel nice.. I said sheepishly looking down at the floor.. What do u mean? DR M asked bewildered.. I don’t know sir, I said genuinely trying to look apologetic.. he softened down, maybe he thought I would start crying.. hmm that’s alright, sometimes yourintuition might be right.. he said, as he walked back into his room.. I hopped back into the lab, with a grin,- phew, convincing Dr M was so much more difficult than my parents! My dad doesn’t even know, and my mom said, fine do as u wish! :D..

OK first the background…Dr M was the head of the biggest dept in this R& D center of a US based bio tech company. and I was working there as a consultant on a particular project.. it was not a permanent job, but the money was good(much better than what a just out of college microbiologist would get) and the exposure was great…and the situation was that the project was coming to an end, …