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The best thing about getting drenched in the rain is that you dont have to hide your tears.

SRK and me

SC said excitedly “Had been to Eden gardens yesterday, to watch the kolkata knight riders match!. Wow! what a match it was!!! Shoaib was….” .”How was SRK? Is he cute? I interrupted. who wants to know what Shoaib did??.. baah!..
”Cute I donno..But he is handsome for sure”he replied.. Aaargh! Boys have this thing for the word cute!.. Its associated with silliness and girly. But handsome? Oh ye bring it on!..

“Ok all right not cute, handsome. But how can you say that? He must have been quite far” I questioned “NO we could see him pretty well. He was near the boundary line cheering and dancing all the time” SC explained…

Hmm SRK..I went back to my 1st memories of SHAH RUKH KHAN.. It must have been him in those TV serials almost 2 decades back when I was a small kid.. Though I don’t remember anything much, I do remember he was damn attractive and a lively figure inside the idiot box.. And since I was too young to designate him as cute or handsome, I let him be. But still when I looked at him,…

IPL and me

Ok so IPL…As you know,its everywhere around you. Though Iam seeing, I am not really interested in cricket.. BUT one has no choice but to watch it since everybody else is watching it.. And also coz I cant get the remote to change the channel.

So when the hype and hoopla of IPL started, I was like baaah!.. cricket ,money ,glamour!..players getting auctioned like cows!Such a waste of time,money..blah blah blah..

Ok and after all the tch tch what nonsense phase, its back to business. who is making more money was more important than how.

Since I like organizing things into various categories like "list of things to do on a weekend", "list of reasons why not to do them", etc etc similarly I started paying attention to the various categories into where these "players" will be put into.. who will be in which team etc.

As a bangalorean,it is expected from me to cheer the "Royal challengers"... But no no no, I donot support them...dont you start questioning …