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Ok, so its another year.. It arrived without much fanfare in my life. No staying up late till the clock struck twelve. Nope I hit the bed at 10 and next morning woke up to realize it’s a “new year”.. It dint feel any different. I dint have any new year resolutions planned up or anything.. Either I have grown old ..NO not old!! , maybe I am no longer in that school girl kind of excited stage of life, where we break into happy laughter and new dreams at the thought a brand new year..

The only thing in my mind is, “god there is so much to be done”! and the time is just slipping away.. No I am not one of those super busy woman juggling office, a career, home and kids. Nope. All I do is go to office, wait for the clock to strike 5pm , get back home and plonk myself on the bed with a book. So I guess it is now obvious that there is lot to be done.

I dint on purpose have a resolution this year. It sucks when I break it or it doesn’t get fulfilled. So this year, no unachievable resolutions nor…