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renewing a part of my past.

HAHAHAHA!! My boss( aka head) guffawed.. we had just come out of a boring 2 hour meeting.. no she dint find the meeting amusing or anything. Why would she or anybody? If you are asked to sit through a boring meeting right after you have had a good lunch, wouldn’t one rather sleep then?… I wanted to sleep. I was so badly trying to control myself, actually my head was dangerously bending towards the desk.. I started to do something which I hadn’t done in a loooong time.. open my book and start sketching.. this time with a pen and my diary in which i was supposed to noting down the minutes of the meeting :D
Ok before I forget, my boss who is 30 yrs my senior in age and experience was looking at my sketch and laughing.. I had drawn the chairperson of that meeting who was sitting right in front of me! :D..
see the pic

I started drawing seriously when I was in 4th std. When I had typhoid and was at home for 1 month.. my mother dint allow me to read( my fav of all the pastimes) or watch TV.. al…

Back in the driver’s seat.

I learnt driving way back in my late teens when I was still in college. My parents never allowed me to ride two-wheeler, so I had to learn driving. I was a pretty good driver. A confident one. I have driven almost in all kinds of roads. In Bangalore traffic, the narrow overcrowded fast moving Mangalore – Udupi highway, or the straight 6 lane highway en route to Chennai and except a few hairpin bends, I have even driven most of the shiradi ghat route right from sakleshpura to subramanya post in the western ghats. My most favorite one till date is the 3 hr drive which I did from coimbatore to chamarajnagar near Mysore , through the ghat sections of the sathyamangala forest area..infamous for veerappan and his associates.. ofcourse veerappan was long dead, but the route though breathtaking was eerie! But around a year and a half back I had an accident. OK not that serious or anything, just the taillight of the car got broken. But more importantly my confidence was shattered.. It happened…


Fear is a strange emotion.. The fear of cockroaches, the fear of ghosts, the fear of crossing a crowded road, the fear of future, the fear of strangers, the fear of uncompleted tasks, the fear of exams, the fear of results, the fear of the darkness, and many more.. I have had my share of fears…I have always dealt with it , my way.. always facing something where the entire responsibility is on me has been relatively easy.. in the sense if I have to overcome something on my own I have done it… but at times there is nothing one can do but just wait for the fear to go away, things to become clearer or for somebody to help you over come it… that’s the most difficult task… Coz its not in my hands to do anything about it than just WAIT
I am waiting….