I am a working mom and you have a problem with that??

What prompted this post?? Lately have been hurled by a series of articles glorifying stay at home mothers. So do I have a problem with it? Absolutely not. Cheers to you! Then what is the problem?? STOP slandering working mothers as money minded or who don’t love their children as much as SAHM( stay at home mothers) and the ones who use their parents to take care of their own children! Grand parents brutality?( this is new!!) Today early morning made the mistake of opening a link a relative (SAHM) had shared.. It was written by a man supposedly a “proud” husband of a SAHM and a father to a daughter.. He went on and on not just defending his wife’s choice( I have no problems with that) but degrading working moms to the extent of comparing them to devil wears prada! First of all , hello! You are setting a great example to your daughter degrading random women. The karma cycle will come and bite your pompous egoistic A*** I am sure! And so today I have taken up the onus of writing for t…


Ok, so its another year.. It arrived without much fanfare in my life. No staying up late till the clock struck twelve. Nope I hit the bed at 10 and next morning woke up to realize it’s a “new year”.. It dint feel any different. I dint have any new year resolutions planned up or anything.. Either I have grown old ..NO not old!! , maybe I am no longer in that school girl kind of excited stage of life, where we break into happy laughter and new dreams at the thought a brand new year..

The only thing in my mind is, “god there is so much to be done”! and the time is just slipping away.. No I am not one of those super busy woman juggling office, a career, home and kids. Nope. All I do is go to office, wait for the clock to strike 5pm , get back home and plonk myself on the bed with a book. So I guess it is now obvious that there is lot to be done.

I dint on purpose have a resolution this year. It sucks when I break it or it doesn’t get fulfilled. So this year, no unachievable resolutions nor…

BLAH- yet again.

How much of whining and complaining and brooding is too much? When should one feel “ OK now it’s enough” and move on to other things in life?. Lately have been brooding over small things a lot.. Oh, why was she rude? OR oh why do I have to wait for the bus so long, its not fair, ,OR an unkind word told by someone, OR when I get cheated while buying some stuff OR situations like mom asking me to help her with something when I am dead tired OR a huge chunk of work being directed to me in office because some people are on a holiday and this has to be done immediately..

Many random things like that.. Donno if lately I have started observing these things more closely and its not that big a deal OR I am very unlucky and being subjected to more of them lately.. whatever it is, I am finding it difficult to comprehend, analyze and finally let go.. I end up sitting for hours at times and feel bad about it.. and you being expected to be an agony aunt for a friend at the same time when you are so …

LOVE... Tagged!

I am tagged. To be honest I dint know what it is to be tagged, until I read a post in my friend flying high’s blogsome time back.. Read it here .

Its one the most hilarious things I have ever read and that made me like the thing “tagged”.. and now she has tagged me! for another one though.

My first tag..BUT its on *cough cough* LOVE.. There lies the problem the topic.. Well denying it would be silly. So I decided to face it .. So here goes. There are some rules listed below..Iam not changing any question.. Will just do this. But I am breaking one of the rules.. I am not tagging 6 but 3.Here’s one of my very honest write ups. Hope I don’t get into trouble for this!..

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they …


After a looong hiatus I am back..Muahaha!. Don’t u ask "so who missed you"?.People did! Like friends SG n SR.More importantly I missed my blog.. Sigh…:(..... I took a break in June...Reason- Birthday blues. Was supposed to be back soon but things got a bit messy in life and the rough times dragged on..

Anyway's all’s well that ends well. :)

So here am, quite happy and glad to be back.. One more reason to be back is coz I am tagged!.. for the 1st time that too and I want to play the game, so back in business people!

Missssssssssssssssssssed u moi blogyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!


The best thing about getting drenched in the rain is that you dont have to hide your tears.

SRK and me

SC said excitedly “Had been to Eden gardens yesterday, to watch the kolkata knight riders match!. Wow! what a match it was!!! Shoaib was….” .”How was SRK? Is he cute? I interrupted. who wants to know what Shoaib did??.. baah!..
”Cute I donno..But he is handsome for sure”he replied.. Aaargh! Boys have this thing for the word cute!.. Its associated with silliness and girly. But handsome? Oh ye bring it on!..

“Ok all right not cute, handsome. But how can you say that? He must have been quite far” I questioned “NO we could see him pretty well. He was near the boundary line cheering and dancing all the time” SC explained…

Hmm SRK..I went back to my 1st memories of SHAH RUKH KHAN.. It must have been him in those TV serials almost 2 decades back when I was a small kid.. Though I don’t remember anything much, I do remember he was damn attractive and a lively figure inside the idiot box.. And since I was too young to designate him as cute or handsome, I let him be. But still when I looked at him,…