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I am a working mom and you have a problem with that??

What prompted this post?? Lately have been hurled by a series of articles glorifying stay at home mothers. So do I have a problem with it? Absolutely not. Cheers to you! Then what is the problem?? STOP slandering working mothers as money minded or who don’t love their children as much as SAHM( stay at home mothers) and the ones who use their parents to take care of their own children! Grand parents brutality?( this is new!!) Today early morning made the mistake of opening a link a relative (SAHM) had shared.. It was written by a man supposedly a “proud” husband of a SAHM and a father to a daughter.. He went on and on not just defending his wife’s choice( I have no problems with that) but degrading working moms to the extent of comparing them to devil wears prada! First of all , hello! You are setting a great example to your daughter degrading random women. The karma cycle will come and bite your pompous egoistic A*** I am sure! And so today I have taken up the onus of writing for t…